An appendix of defined terms and rules of construction is an index that contains details of the rules as well as terms required to be followed in the process of construction.

The document is usually drafted to clear the doubts of the individuals involved in a construction project of a construction organization. This appendix can also be termed as the bible of a construction company. The details mentioned in the document include the definitions of various capitalized terms.

There are other information mentioned like the meaning of delinquent charges collected, competitor volume baseline, full form of the organizations AAA and ACH, meaning of the term affiliate etc. The appendix also defines the meaning of the agents involved and the applicants in a project.

There are also definitions of terms like block business day, block agents, best in market price, beneficial franchise, authorized deduction, approval rate, franchisee policies and procedures, program information and tax services.

Appendix Of Defined Terms And Rules Of  Construction

Appendix Of Defined Terms And Rules Of Construction

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