Argos is a catalogue merchant organization which has its base in countries United Kingdom and Ireland. They are one of the largest general goods retailer in the world. An Argos support services agreement is a legal document drafted when Argos outsources its support services to an external vendor in order to improve the customer service experience.

This decision is taken by the organization in order to improve the efficiency and service quality.

There are various kinds of services provided by Argos to its clients which include keeping clean, shopping services, sourcing with care and supporting national communities. Instead of Argos providing it directly to the client they outsource it to the vendor who provides it directly to the client.

The details mentioned in the agreement include the kind of service the vendor needs to provide on behalf of Argos. Argos pays the vendor a certain service fee which is also mentioned in the agreement.

Argos Support Services Agreement

Argos Support Services Agreement

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