An artist recording agreement is a legally binding document that is drafted between an artist and a record company. The purpose of drafting this agreement is that an artist can record his song or music with the record company and receive royalty payments.

The document acts as evidence so that the artist does not face any issue in future in receiving his royalty payments.  The document also establishes the fact that the records company has the authority to use the song or music of the artist in order to bring out CDs, cassettes, DVDs and for broadcasting purpose.

The details mentioned in the agreement are as follows:

  • The name of both the artist and the records company
  • The kind of services that the records company wants the artist to render
  • The recording requirements that the artist needs to fulfill
  • The production expenses required to be borne by the records company
  • The percentage of royalty payment the artist is entitled to
Artist Recording Agreement

Artist Recording Agreement

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