The Bylaws of Heska Merger Corporation Agreement have come into existence after the consolidation of the assets and its merger with the parent company Heska Corporation. The agreement specifies the modifications undertaken in the bylaws of the corporation after the merger activity. The bylaws agreement is an extension of the primary incorporation and articles of association agreements which have also undergone a change post the merger action.

The agreement provides various aspects of functioning of the company its bylaws agreement such as address of principal office and branches, schedule of meeting of shareholders, appointment of directors, their salaries, rights and duties, selection of board of directors and their rights and duties, transfer and assignment of share certificates, organization and conduct of business, rights and voting powers of shareholders etc. The bylaws agreement is a written document that helps in devising procedures and processes for the effective functioning of Heska Corporation after the merger of the company.

Bylaws Of Heska Merger Corporation Agreement

Bylaws Of Heska Merger Corporation Agreement

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