A capital construction fund agreement is one that is entered between the federal government department of transportation and marine administration and the flat marine vessel operators. The capital construction fund was incorporated with the aim of providing assistance to the vessel owners in accumulation of large funds for construction, reconstruction and purchase of new marine vessels.

The capital construction fund was applicable to all vessel owners and operators possessing U.S. citizenship and those that operated in Great Lakes, Short-Sea Shipping, Noncontiguous domestic trade and Fisheries as well.

The agreement specified the details of the vessel, its capacity, type of fuel used, place of construction, amount of deposit made by the vessel operator, period of deposit in the fund and size of operation including location of the vessel running.

The agreement allows the vessel owners to deposit the funds for the use of construction, reconstruction or purchase of new vessels without any applicability of tax for the current financial year when agreement is entered into.

Capital Construction Fund Agreement

Capital Construction Fund Agreement

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