A Colombo employment agreement is a document drafted when an individual takes up a job in an organization located in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. The agreement is being drafted between the new employee and the employer organization.

The employee is a resident of a foreign country. The document states the information and the documents that the employee needs to submit to the organization and also details of the facilities to be provided by the employer to the employee.

There are various vital information mentioned in the agreement which are as follows:

  • The personal details of the employee like his name in passport, passport number, date and place of issue of passport
  • The address of the employer organization or the employment site.
  • The designation and the basic pay being offered to the employee.
  • The number of working hours of the employee.
  • The facilities to be provided by the employer.
    Colombo Employment Agreement

    Colombo Employment Agreement

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