A confidential treatment requested agreement refers to a written contract between two parties where one requests the other party to keep certain materials or information provided by them confidential and handle it carefully for various purposes. It is almost like a non-disclosure agreement but in this case you are requesting the other party to set some terms to maintain confidentiality. So this is like the stage before a formal non-disclosure agreement is created between them.

Confidential treatment can be requested for a variety of reasons like legal, financial, safety, copyright, intellectual theft and so on. Hence any further discussions will be possible only if the other party grants the request to treat all matters in a confidential manner. They must discuss what exactly constitutes the confidential content, the terms of confidentiality, obligations of the recipient and how long does confidentiality regarding the top-secret project have to be maintained. Both parties must sign the agreement which makes it legally binding.

Confidential Treatment Requested Agreement

Confidential Treatment Requested Agreement

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