A global scope of work agreement is an agreement between two parties for performance of IT support services by one party to the other. This agreement defines the scope of work that needs to be provided by one party to another. This agreement is also known as Scope of Services agreement or SOS agreement.

This agreement is usually entered into by those parties that engage in the outsourcing of IT support services. It is a written agreement defining the various clauses agreed mutually by both the parties.

The essential clauses of a global scope of work agreement for IT support services should include the following details: –

1)      Main purpose of the agreement

2)      The desired result of the scope of work

3)      Date, time and deadline for the It support services

4)      Resources that will be available

5)      Total cost

6)      Emergency solution as and when necessary.

7)      Termination of agreement

Global Scope of Work Agreement for IT Support Services

Global Scope of Work Agreement for IT Support Services

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