Rental Agreement Template is a document which is being used between the owner of the property and the tenants. It is very convenient for both parties involved to create the rental agreement contract in a Microsoft Word and have a personal copy for each by printing it. The document includes the following details that are relevant and need to state such as the mode of payment, details about the property, conditions for down payments, monthly rent, duration of length of stay in the prescribed property and the terms and conditions agreed upon.

Using Microsoft Word, you can make all your desired changes as what you have agreed upon before the signing the document. Also, making your own terms and conditions according to what you have settled can be customized in this Microsoft Word.

The Agreement for Property rented at _______________________________ [Specific Address]

Is made between ______________________ [owner] and ________________________ [tenant

Effective as of _________________ mm/day/year until ______________________ mm/day/year

Terms and Conditions Agreement

  1. Payment and Terms: The tenant acknowledges that the rental fee is ________ [amount] per monthly. He/ she will have the initial rental fee for the first 30 days in the amount of _______________. The use of Credit card for the rental fee is allowed but must be on file prior to installment basis.
  2. Damage of Property: The tenant agrees that the property rented should keep concerned at all times, preserving the furniture and maintaining the cleanliness and well function for the selected appliances included upon renting it. The tenant will be held responsible for the loss or damage during their length of stay in the property and will be accountable for the replacement of the loss items.
  3. Tenant Consent: The tenant hereby allowing to enter and use the property for the agreed duration of stay.
  4. Termination: Failure to pay according to this agreement can be terminated by whichever party upon 14 days to the other party either verbal or written notice. The tenant remains responsible for paying the balance or unpaid fees for the property rented.
  5. Upon terminating the agreement, the tenant is expected to give up the furnishings as well as to leave the place immediately after paying the specified amount.

This agreement is made between the two parties involved and shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the state.

*Must read and fully understand before signing the contract.

Signature over Printed Name of the Owner/Date


Signature over Printed Name of the Tenant/Date


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