The software reseller and services agreement, as the very name of the document suggests, is a legal contract that conforms to the rules and regulations of business and trade to seal the pact for the resale of software and/or related services. The basic nature of the document requires the legal association of two or more parties to the agreement, along with complete details of their name(s) and respective official addresses as well as the inclusion of other necessary details such as terms and conditions of reseller services, length of the agreement period, duties and responsibilities of reseller and of tenant [clearly distinguishing either parties by their proper identities], and trade services intrinsic to the agreement.

A software reseller and services agreement is generally sealed with a software company and an individual or another company, both of which cases require proper legal stand of the software company as much as that of the second party (parties). The terms “reseller”, “tenant” or “customer”, “services”, “trade”, “license fee”, “effective date(s) or duration of agreement”, etc should be clearly noted and must be genuine.

Software Reseller and Services Agreement

Software Reseller and Services Agreement

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